Rules & Regulations

For the Applicants:

  1. The applicant must be an influencer in the following fields: fitness enthusiast, athlete or a bodybuilder.
  2. Should have a valid and working Instagram profile.
  3. Should have an impressive social media reach.
  4. The applicant must have more than 1K followers on Instagram.
  5. The Instagram profile of all applicants should be set to public visibility.

For the Selected Entries:

  1. The selected candidates are required to upload the videos on their respective Instagram profiles.
  2. The videos to be uploaded should be of high quality i.e., 480p or more.
  3. The video length must not be less than 40 seconds or more than 60 seconds.
  4. The winners are expected to post at least 10 videos per month to be entitled to the prize.
  5. The videos need to be uploaded by the candidates on their respective Instagram account as a post and as a story(optional). These videos are not to be mailed to the company
  6. Muscle XP must be tagged in the uploaded videos. These videos need to be uploaded with a caption of choice along with the mention of Muscle XP profile link(@muscle.xp) within the first two lines of the caption. The hashtags #musclexp #mujhmainhaidum also need to be used.
  7. The winners can choose any 2 products from the given list at the end of the month after successfully uploading 10 videos.
  8. Winners uploading 8 videos and 2 still photos with the closeup of any Muscle XP product will also be entitled to the prize.
  9. If less than 10 videos (including the still photos) and more than 5 videos are shared in any month, the candidate can only choose 1 product instead of 2 for that month.
  10. If any candidate uploads less than 5 videos per month, no products wil be awarded for that month.
  11. All the videos are to be counted monthly. No video will be carried on to the next month.
  12. The products will be delivered only at pin code accepted by FedEx or Blue Dart.
  13. No Refund, Exchange, or Cancellation will be entertained once the product is dispatched.
  14. Any product that is out of stock cannot be requested for till it is available.
  15. Muscle XP is entitled to use the videos digitally as and when required.
  16. The Free Products are only available till the contest lasts.