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5 Home Workout Must-Haves To Kick-Start Your Fitness Journey

Hope you are done with gaining winter weight and now you must be thinking of setting for shredding a few kgs so that you can flaunt your summer body confidently and flawlessly. Be it visiting beaches or enjoying the home swimming pool, everything should be perfect right from your outfit to your body. Now the question is, HOW? Every fitness journey begins the moment you set your mind to work out be it at home or the gym. If you are someone who prefers working out at home, all you need is to find the right workout accessories to ensure efficiency and desired results. 

When it comes to home workouts, everyone has different preferences. Unlike other bulky gym workouts, every home workout requires something simpler, easy-to-use and lightweight. Fitness gears like push up bars, tummy trimmers, and resistance bands witness huge demand because of their countless benefits and ease of use. Using the right workout accessories can give you better control, resistance level, efficiency, and faster muscle definition. In this blog, we will be discussing a couple of highly efficient and simple to use workout accessories that you can surely use for home workout sessions.

5 Home Workout Must-Haves For You!

1. Handy Push Up Bars

Those who think push ups are challenging can thank this simple invention called Push Up Bars – simple-to-use and durable fitness gears. This simple yet effective workout accessory especially for newbies, Push Up Bars helps increase the range of motion while you are doing push ups at home. They can also help you make yourself stronger by achieving your fitness goals easier and faster. 

If you are searching for a cool set of Push Up Bars, you can consider going for Dr Fitness Push Up Bars. These ergonomically designed fitness gears feature sturdy handles with an anti-slip anchor. The strong handles promise bearing heavyweights – you don’t have to worry about trusting this equipment for strength training. 

Light in weight and made from durable materials, Dr Fitness Push Up Bars help enhance your chest and arm muscle strength. Cushioned handles help ensure comfortable workout sessions – even if you are a beginner, you can easily use these workout accessories. 

Workouts You Can Try With Push Up Bars

  1. Dips
  2. Push Ups
  3. Tuck Planche

2. Comfortable Yoga Mats

Doing yoga or any floor exercise without a comfortable mat is a BIG NO! NO! Especially when it comes to doing yoga, nothing can beat having a perfectly cushioned and sweat-resistant yoga mat. Choosing the right yoga mat can help boost physical wellness and enhance your yoga performance. Your hunt for a suitable yoga mat can end with Dr Fitness Yoga Mats – passionately designed for offering a comfortable workout experience. 

Yoga Mats provide a stable surface so that your body can use its full energy to perform a perfect asana. Dr Fitness Yoga Mats come in three different thicknesses – 6mm, 10mm, and 13mm. The additional thickness in these yoga mats entails the highest level of cushioning effect for yoga lovers. 

These beautifully designed yoga mats are lightweight, non-skid, and moisture-proof, ensuring an enjoyable workout experience. Extra-long length of yoga mats makes them apt for taller men and women. 

Workouts You Can Try With Yoga Mats

  1. Yoga Asanas
  2. Ab Exercises 
  3. Push Ups

3. Ab Roller Wheel

A perfect piece of equipment to kick-start your abdomen exercises, this amazing workout gear can help give you your dream abs. If you are working on your abs, trying out challenging ab workouts with Ab Roller Wheel can make it easier for you at home. Not just abs, you can train your hip and thigh muscles in the most effective way with a high-quality Ab Wheel Roller. 

Be it strengthening core muscles or toning arm muscles, Ab Roller Wheel add the highest levels of stability to your everyday home workout sessions because of its solid construction and functional design. You consider buying a highly efficient Dr Fitness Ab Roller Wheel that comes with a 6mm thick Knee Mat for added comfort. 

This fitness gear is lightweight and highly portable – making it the perfect equipment for home and outdoor workouts, Handle Bar of this workout gear is made from high-grade PVC material that offers superior levels of comfort and sweat resistance. 

Workouts You Can Try With Ab Roller Wheel 

  1. Push Ups 
  2. Planks 
  3. Knee Roll Outs 

4. Hip Loop Resistance Band

Be it enhancing lower body strength or gaining strong muscles, Hip Loop Resistance Bands are one of the most effective workout accessories for beginners as well as athlete level fitness enthusiasts. These resistance bands also help improve hip strength through all the possible workouts and movements in the easiest ways. These fitness gears offer better movement control and support injury prevention. 

Be it trying a couple of simple squats or athlete level deadlifts, you can simply rely on these workout accessories for smooth home workouts. Amongst all renowned brands, you can blindly consider buying Dr Fitness Hip Loop Resistance Bands to jump start your home workout journey. 

Whether you are aiming to shape your hips or toning leg muscles, these fitness accessories entail excellent stretchability and varied resistance power along with a non-slip grip. Made from superior quality thick fabric, these resistance bands are ideal accessories for abdomen, calves, glutes and hamstring exercises. 
Workouts You Can Try With Hip Loop Resistance Bands

  1. Glute Bridge
  2. Clamshell
  3. Seated Abduction

5. Skipping Rope (Jumping Rope)

A perfect cardio gear for all ages, Skipping or Jumping Rope can surely take you down the memory lane of your childhood. Skipping Ropes are efficient enough to enhance your cardio fitness and muscle strength in the easiest way. For those who are aiming for an effective full-body home workout session, Skipping Rope can be an ideal pick. 

Furthermore, these workout accessories are effective in strengthening your bones and improving your overall fitness levels. For an enthralling workout experience, you can consider shopping for Dr Fitness Skipping Rope – a suitable fitness gear for kids as well as the adult. An amazing combination of unique design and superior quality construction, Dr Fitness Skipping Rope is super easy to use. Hence, this equipment can be used by beginners. 

The long handles of this workout accessory ensure higher levels of comfort. Dr Fitness Skipping Rope features a tangle-free loop for smooth workout sessions and comes with an enclosed bag for added safety. 

Workouts You Can Try With Skipping Rope (Jumping Rope)

  1. Basic Jump
  2. Alternate Foot Jump
  3. Jump Rope Jacks

Wrapping It Up!

Whether you are a beginner who is aiming for a perfect home workout kick start or an athlete who wants to carry on with regular home and ditch bulky fitness gears, opting for these workout accessories can be a great idea. The highlighted suggestions will help you filter your preferences and make your home workout enjoyable and convenient. For more workout gear updates and user guides, stay tuned with us! Till then, keep up the hard work!