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Yoga Mat Buying Guide: 5 Important Things You Should Know

Just like picking the right place for doing exercise is important to achieve fitness goals, it’s equally important to buy a perfect mat to uplift your workout efficiency. 

Choosing the right yoga mat has a lot to do with your comfort levels. When your mind is focused to perform a yoga asana, it is important for your body to feel comfortable. Doing yoga or any other exercise on the floor can bang and hurt your knees. You definitely don’t want to divert your mind with such concerns. Better focus on what your body exactly requires for smooth yoga sessions – A perfect yoga mat. 

5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Yoga Mat

Shopping for the right yoga mat can be a mind-boggling process. You don’t want to get overwhelmed with tons of options available in the market. Just know what needs to be kept in mind and make the final purchase on that basis. To make your shopping process easy, here are a few important things that you should consider while buying yoga mats. 

What Texture You Would Prefer?

Knowing the mat’s texture is unquestionably an important factor to consider. It can impact your overall productivity. Know whether that mat’s texture slipping or non-slipping. You should go for non-slipping yoga mats because they help ensure a strong grip that you require while practicing yoga asanas. 

How Thick You Want Your Yoga Mat To Be?

Another important factor to consider to ensure a good yoga mat purchase is its thickness. Buying too thin mat can cause damage to knees and make you feel uncomfortable to perform any yoga exercise perfectly. And if it is too thick, you may struggle to balance your body. The most common types of yoga mats available based on their thickness are:

6mm Yoga Mats

Perfect for those who prefer lightweight and sleek options, 6mm yoga mats can ensure comfortable to moderate levels. These yoga mats are easy to handle.

10mm Yoga Mats

More comfortable mat options than 6mm yoga mats, these workout accessories can offer higher levels of cushioning. These yoga mats are mostly preferred by those fitness freaks who keep comfort on their top priority.

13mm Yoga Mats

Most comfortable options than other types of yoga mats, these are ones you can blindly trust for your comfort. These yoga mats offer extremely soft cushioning for your body while you are exercising.

NBR Yoga Mats

NBR material is knowns for its dense texture, moisture-resistance properties, strength, and support. If you are looking for lightweight, maintenance-free yoga mats, then opt for NBR Yoga Mats.

EVA Yoga Mats

EVA material is a lightweight synthetic material as well as moisture resistance. One of the finest grade materials, EVA fits right in compliance with the latest market trends.

Consider Your Budget

Buying anything involves many tricky decisions. Setting up a budget is one of them! Before you start your hunt for the best yoga mat, set your budget in advance so that you do not shop beyond it. Thinking of an estimated budget in advance can help you make better purchasing decisions. 

Ease of Carrying

If you travel a lot, you would like to prefer a yoga mat that is easy to carry no matter wherever you go. There are tons of brands that are offering yoga mats with carrying bags or straps to make them easy to carry. You can take a look at Dr. Fitness Yoga Mats which come with the finest quality carrying bag or strap for your convenience. 

Final Thoughts

Let’s conclude this buying guide on a simple note – make sure that you choose the best yoga mat depending on your requirements so that you do not have to regret your decisions. For more buying guides, stay tuned with us! Till then, happy shopping!